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Tell Your Medical Marijuana Story

How Has Medical Marijuana Helped You?

At Pennsylvania Marijuana Card we have helped patients in the state of Pennsylvania obtain access to medical cannabis treatment. During that time, we have heard countless stories of the touching and positive effects that cannabis plays in our patients' lives.

Sadly, there are still persisting negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with cannabis, turning qualifying patients away from learning about a treatment option that could offer significant relief and results. One thing that cannabis opponents cannot argue with is the sheer amount of patient testimonials that describe an improvement in their lives and medical conditions, diseases and/or symptoms. 

Tell Your Story!

This is where you come in. We are looking for patients to submit stories of how medical cannabis has improved your life or condition so that we can help even more patients across the state of Pennsylvania. Fill out the brief form below to share your story. From there, we will share selected submissions to our website, social media, newsletters, and other publications and media outlets so that interested patients can better understand how medical cannabis may benefit them.

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