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Find a Pennsylvania Marijuana Doctor

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Doctors

Pennsylvania Marijuana Card offers evaluations through telemed, so you can get approved for medical marijuana right in the comfort and safety of your own home! Appointments will take place through a video conference where you will meet with one of our certified doctors. During your evaluation, the doctor will review your medical history, discuss medical marijuana treatment and you will receive your medical marijuana recommendation. It's that simple!


How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Pennsylvania 

At Pennsylvania Marijuana Card, we make it easy for qualifying Pennsylvania patients to access medical marijuana. We plan on opening offices conveniently located across Pennsylvania, so patients can easily find a compassionate doctor to help them get approved for medical marijuana. At each of our clinics, you'll find certified Pennsylvania marijuana physicians who will help you by determining if medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for you based on your current medical condition(s). Our friendly and dedicated staff will make sure the process is easy and convenient! 

We plan to open offices in the following Pennsylvania cities:

If you are interested in getting a Pennsylvania marijuana card, schedule your medical marijuana evaluation today!

Which Medical Providers Can Certify Me for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

All Pennsylvania medical marijuana physicians must complete a 4-hour training that is provided by the Department of Health, along with an additional 4-hour course of Continuing Medical Education (CME) from an approved provider.

Pennsylvania Marijuana Card Office Locations

Pennsylvania Marijuana Card anticipates opening at least four medical offices throughout the state to help patients obtain their medical marijuana card. In the meantime, medical marijuana evaluations through telemedicine are available, so you can be evaluated by one of our certified doctors right at home no matter where you reside in Pennsylvania!


Alternatively, even if you are unsure whether medical marijuana would be appropriate for you or a loved one, please consider signing up for our blog (in the footer of the website) so you can stay up-to-date with the expansion of Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program, in addition to assisting in identifying future office locations so we can provide support to all the citizens in Pennsylvania!

Get Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card!
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