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  • Olivia Castro

Best Cannabis Cookbooks

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Cooking with cannabis has become a popular trend in recent years. There is something special about getting all the ingredients you need, setting up in your kitchen and opening a recipe in a cookbook. Below are some cookbooks that are a must-have in any cannabis kitchen!

This book is the perfect starter cannabis cookbook. It is a simple guide for how to get confident cooking edibles in the kitchen. It also has a lot of fun sweet treats!

There is nothing better than a nice cocktail now imagine one with cannabis! This cannabis cookbook focuses solely on drinks and liberations. The intro to this book also shows you all the different ways that you can add cannabis to your drinks!

This particular cookbook is really something special. It takes edibles to a whole new level. This can have you cooking full meals with cannabis in no time!

This one is for all our vegan friends out there! Don’t let dietary restrictions or preferences get in your way of cooking with cannabis. This cookbook brings inclusivity for those looking for a healthier alternative!

This cookbook was derived from a Viceland series and goes above and beyond when it comes to cooking with cannabis. The book focuses on the science of cooking, the craft as well as the politics!

Do you have a favorite cannabis cookbook or recipe?


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