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Can You Donate Plasma If You Smoke Marijuana? 2023 Guide to Cannabis Use & Donating Blood

People often ask if regular cannabis users are eligible to donate blood. Donating blood is crucial because it can be the difference between life and death for someone in need. Donating plasma is not guaranteed if you have recently used cannabis; however, having a medicinal marijuana card will not affect your eligibility to donate.

Depending on the procedure, cannabis use may appear in a drug test for up to three months. Donating blood plasma may be possible if you have passed a drug test that screens for THC and marijuana.

The number of people who use cannabis is rising, making it crucial to learn if that group can donate blood.

What Is Blood Plasma?

The liquid component of blood, known as plasma, is the blood itself. Red blood cells and platelets make up the rest of our blood.

Blood plasma contains proteins essential for blood clotting and immune system function, transporting red blood cells and platelets around the body. Electrolytes like potassium and sodium are transported to the muscles by plasma, and the fluid also helps keep the cell's pH in check.

Patients with burns, blood loss, and anemia all need blood and plasma donations to help them recover in the hospital. The United States and many other countries have dangerously low blood donation rates. Patients with these kinds of life-threatening injuries need donations.

Donating Plasma While High

Some organizations do not screen for cannabis and THC in the system. Therefore, it is possible to give plasma even if you are a cannabis user. The American Red Cross does not conduct tests for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive cannabinoid. However, the group requests that you use your best judgment and refrain from donating blood if you've just used marijuana.

The American Red Cross advises against donating plasma if you've recently taken synthetic marijuana. The anticoagulants found in synthetic marijuana may taint plasma and put recipients at risk, says the American Red Cross.

What Are the Requirements for Donating Plasma?

Even with a valid medical marijuana card, cannabis users may hesitate to give plasma because of the straightforward requirements.

The general standards for donors should be investigated first before moving on to the topic of cannabis.Most governments have a minimum age of 17, while others allow donors as young as 16. The Red Cross requires parental permission in such jurisdictions. The donor must weigh 110 pounds or more. As a final requirement, donors must be in good health. The Red Cross specifies that you should be in good health and able to carry on your usual routine. People treated for chronic diseases like diabetes are not automatically disqualified from receiving Red Cross aid.

According to the Red Cross, there are various ways to donate blood. There are also platelet and AB Elite plasma donations in addition to the Power Red Donation. The prerequisites for each of them vary.

Last, only those with blood type AB can donate to the AB Elite Plasma Donor program. All other requirements for donating whole blood are the same as for the general public.

Ineligibility for Blood Plasma Donation

A few things prevent you from giving blood, but cannabis is not one of them.

In addition to not fulfilling the prerequisites outlined in the previous section, the majority of the disqualifying conditions that preclude someone from donating plasma concern blood borne infections such as hepatitis B and C or HIV.

A comprehensive list of possibly disqualifying conditions and situations is available from the Red Cross. Most involve disease, although some drugs can be a bar to eligibility. Additional grounds for exclusion exist that many prospective donors wouldn't ordinarily consider, such as having just acquired a tattoo. The intention behind these restrictions is to stop the spread of disease.

You will be refused if you show up to donate plasma while inebriated, whether it be from cannabis, alcohol, or another substance.

Advice for Marijuana Users Who Want to Donate Plasma

Take a break from cannabis use before making your donation. Detoxing for only a day or two is generally sufficient. The objective is to eliminate all traces of THC from your body. This is more of a kindness for the person receiving your contribution than a requirement from the donation center, which may or may not question when your last cannabis use was.

In all other respects, cannabis users can donate just as effectively as anyone else.

  • Eat a hearty meal before you head out to the donation center. Consume meals high in iron. Iron is abundant in dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale. Beans and sweet potatoes are too. Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C. Tomatoes, watermelon, berries, and other fruits and vegetables are all high in vitamin C.

  • Remember to stay hydrated before, during, and after giving blood.

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