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  • Ashley Slimak

Cannabis Use Among Women Is On The Rise

Cannabis use among women is on the rise

Did you know that there are just as many women who use cannabis as men?

Recent research put out by the Cannabis Consumer Coalition shows that more women are using cannabis than ever before. Their survey concluded that 53 percent of U.S. marijuana consumers are women, while 42 percent are men. The study was conducted anonymously, throughout the U.S., and included all 50 states regardless of recreational or medical marijuana legality. National trends have proven that women make the majority of the purchasing decisions in households, which is just one of many reasons why women have shown to dominate cannabis consumption. Another interesting fact about canna-women, is that 36 percent of executive-level positions in the cannabis industry are held by women!

Which cannabis products do women prefer?

Recently, a cannabis analytics company conducted a study that revealed the cannabis products women prefer to buy, based on recent dispensary purchasing data s. They concluded that men prefer purchasing cannabis in flower form or concentrates, while women prefer non-combustible methods of cannabis such as vape pens, edibles, tinctures and topicals. Between 2017-2018, women purchased 19 percent more vapes, 47 percent more topicals, and 42 percent more tinctures than in recent years. The most popular item purchased by women were tinctures. Tinctures vary in size and cannabinoid profiles, with a wide range of THC:CBD ratios. Tinctures can be used orally by placing drops underneath a patient's tongue and provide relief shortly after consumption. Tinctures with CBD:THC ratios are preferred for daytime use by many patients since they provide relief while still allowing users to perform normal daily activities without experiencing unwanted psychoactive effects. Women stated they like the convenience tinctures provide and that they can discreetly hide their medication.

Marijuana as Medicine

Another thing we were able to conclude from the data in this study mentioned above, is that women prefer to use cannabis to treat their medical conditions instead of using it for recreational purposes. Dispensaries across the state offer a variety of purchasing options, as well as cultivators and processors which continue to release new products every day tailored to fit the needs of medical marijuana patients of every gender and background! Which product will you be purchasing during your next visit to the dispensary?


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