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Causes of Red Eyes & How to Clear Up Stoned Eyes Fast?

High eyes from cannabis are no longer a problem for casual users or young people. The growing acceptance of cannabinoids means it may soon be unnecessary to conceal cannabis use. Some side effects of cannabis use include a dry mouth and red eyes, which can be irritating and painful.

Stoned eyes or weed eyes are a common sign among marijuana users, and they refer to eye changes caused by drug usage that may occur due to the use of certain drugs or stimulants. Continuous drug use can also raise the risk of certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma and vision loss.

Why Do Eyes Get Red After Smoking?

Most people believe that red eyes are caused by smoking weed and coughing. Cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, and CBG, are plant compounds that interact directly with the human body. THC is the cause of red eyes after smoking marijuana, and it also can loweryour blood pressure.

Vessels expand as blood pressure drops, allowing more blood to flow through. In the case of the eyes, the ocular capillaries enlarge, allowing more blood to enter the sclera and making them appear more red. The increase in blood flow also causes dryness and a heavy feeling in your eyes and eyelids, which also causes dizziness when using cannabis. Marijuana is used to treat glaucoma patients because THC lowers blood pressure. No matter the means of ingestion, marijuana users get red eyes despite not smoking.

What Does Weed Do to Your Eyes?

After using marijuana, some people may become more sensitive to light, which can make it challenging to see in bright conditions. Those who are already light-sensitive or have specific eye disorders may experience this effect more strongly.

Marijuana enhances night vision and may amplify the sensitivity of the retina's light-detecting cells, which may amplify night vision. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a molecule found in marijuana that is hypothesized to be responsible for this effect.

A rise in intraocular pressure, or the pressure inside the eye, has been linked to marijuana usage in certain individuals. When the optic nerve is damaged, glaucoma results in partial or total blindness. This optic nerve damage is usually caused by intraocular pressure, which medical marijuana effectively reduces. As a result, medical marijuana is an effective treatment for glaucoma symptoms.

Marijuana is effective at reducing intraocular pressure, and new products can provide all of the drug's medicinal benefits without the associated 'high.' These products extensively use CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana. CBD, because it does not produce a "high," can be used throughout the day without meddling with your regular activities.

Does Cannabis Have Any Lasting Effect on the Eyes?

Marijuana does not cause blindness, but it harms vision. Marijuana has several negative effects on users, including red eyes, your ability to distinguish colors accurately, and glare. Darkness and changing weather conditions can have an impact as well. Cannabis may impair visual processing in addition to its ocular effects.

It is also necessary for the neural connection between the retina's ganglion cells and the brain to function properly. Marijuana can affect your body in ways other than causing red eyes. THC is rapidly absorbed from the lungs into the bloodstream andeventually, the brain. THC affects normal brain development and function by acting on specific brain cell receptors. This can impair cognitive, memory, and learning abilities. Marijuana can even result in long-term or permanent brain damage.

Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red?

Stoned eyes are not brought on by cannabis; the amount of THC absorbed by the body fluctuates during digestion. Weight, gender, blood pressure, and heredity affect the degree of redness in your eyes. Foods high in CBD may lessen eye redness. THC eyes’ redness determines blood pressure level. Other foods eaten may also create red eyes.

How to Get Rid of High Eyes?

Stone eyes are evident in those who just started taking THC; when your reaction to THC increases, your eyes will become less red. CBD and other cannabidiol-rich strains may help reduce red eyes, and cannabinoids will reduce the symptoms of dryness and irritation while causing redness of the eyes. Eye drops can be used to relieve redness from cannabis. If your condition is acute, you can use a cold compressor.

How to Clear Up Stoned Eyes Fast?

The following remedies can help clear up stoned eyes:

  • Eye drops: Over-the-counter eye drops with vasoconstrictors can aid in reducing inflammation and redness. Look for eye drops with those labels to get the red out or relieve it. Nevertheless, carefully follow the directions and avoid using eye drops for prolonged periods, which might exacerbate red eyes.

  • Cold Compressor: An ice pack or cold compress on the eyes can help lessen swelling and redness. Place a cold gel pack or a few ice cubes wrapped in a towel against your closed eyelids for several minutes.

  • Hydration: Consuming lots of water can help you stay hydrated and flush out toxins in your body, which can lessen inflammation and redness in your eyes.

  • Rest: Getting enough sleep and avoiding eye strain can help lessen inflammation and redness. Get plenty of rest and take a break from screen time and other activities that demand great concentration.

  • Consume marijuana that is low in THC to reduce eye redness; strains that are high in cannabidiol and cannabinol may be preferred.

Bottom Line

Red eyes can occur whenever you consume THC, even if you do not smoke it. Eating edibles can also cause red eyes because cannabinoids are responsible for giving you that glassy stare. Red eyes usually only last a few hours; the best way to clear them is to use an eye drop.

Consume marijuana with little or no THC, and stay hydrated. Marijuana does not cause blindness, but it harms vision. Other factors can influence your risk of eye redness, such as blood pressure, body size, genetics, and even gender. If you have high blood pressure, a higher concentration of THC is required to make your eyes red.

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