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  • Olivia Castro

CBD Products for Self-Care

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

CBD products are becoming more popular recently. CBD is everywhere and in everything from beauty products, bath bombs, face masks and more! Read on for how you can take a “Self-Care Sunday” to the next level with these CBD products.

Blended with Color Clay Vulcanus - located and identified off of the Mediterranean Coast – this mask is rich in restorative elements and minerals. The potency of the salt has people raving about these masks but now you can add even more relaxation to your evening mask by getting one with CBD! This mask brightens, is regenerating and hydrating.

The Hypnosis Bath Bomb by Life Flower is the perfect way to end your Self-Care Sunday. Run a nice warm bath for yourself and drop this baby in to escape to your own oasis. This bath bomb is not only infused with CBD but also lavender so you will have the perfect night's sleep.

This CBD restorative lip balm is a great solution! It helps calm and soothe your lips as well as repairs them. This balm also includes shea butter and coconut oil so you can kiss those chapped lips goodbye!

What are some of your favorite beauty or skincare products with CBD? Let us know in the comment section.


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