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  • Olivia Castro

How Medical Marijuana Can Help HIV/AIDS

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

HIV/AIDS Qualifies for Medical Marijuana

Did you know that almost 33% of HIV/AIDS patients currently use or have used medical marijuana to help control their symptoms? More medical research is being conducted on medical marijuana as a treatment option for HIV/AIDS, and the results are promising. It is estimated that over 1 million Americans live with HIV, and there are 40,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Luckily for residents of Pennsylvania living with HIV/AIDS, medical marijuana is now legal for use to alleviate symptoms.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a type of “germ” that attacks a person’s immune system. It makes it impossible for the human body to protect itself against other infections and illnesses which makes something as simple as the common cold or flu very dangerous. HIV does this by taking over the immune system’s T cells, which are meant to defend the body. It then uses those cells to reproduce more of the virus, so that the body can never be rid of it. If the HIV virus goes untreated or does serious damage to the immune system it can develop into the condition AIDS, also known as stage 3 of HIV. Although these two go hand in hand, they have two different diagnoses.

There is no known cure – once a person is HIV positive, they will always be HIV positive. In addition to making the body susceptible to other diseases and illnesses, it also brings its own set of symptoms. These symptoms are what medications try to treat, and it is what many researchers believe that medical marijuana could be used for.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help HIV/AIDS?

One of the most common symptoms of HIV/AIDS is nausea, and there is substantial research that shows medical marijuana is effective for treating nausea. This can help people suffering from HIV/AIDS improve appetite. With medical marijuana, HIV/AIDS patients are able to retain a healthier weight and get more nutrients in their bodies on a regular basis. In addition, cannabis has also been shown to offer relief from chronic pain, which is another associated symptom.

There is some research that suggests that medical marijuana could potentially inhibit the progression of the HIV virus. There is one study, in particular, that revealed a slowing of the replication of HIV cells in the immune system with the use of a marijuana medication called Denbinobin.

While there is no conclusive evidence of medical marijuana as a cure for HIV, it does offer a viable treatment method by alleviating the most common symptoms. Marijuana offers patients a chance to live longer, healthier and happier lifestyles by also reducing anxiety and depression, both of which can plague HIV/AIDS patients.


If you are a Pennsylvania resident suffering from a medical condition you think may benefit cannabis, you're likely eligible for medical marijuana treatment.

To learn more about the medical marijuana process or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 607-5458 or book your evaluation online.


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