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What You Need to Know about Traveling With a Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Although many states, including Pennsylvania, have legalized marijuana, traveling from state to state with the substance can get patients into legal trouble. Some high-security airports tag marijuana as illegal, while it is also prohibited at the federal level. To protect your right, you will need information about the unique regulations for each mode of transportation.

You may need to visit your family and friends in another state and learn to protect your right to travel with cannabis. In this article, you will learn everything about traveling with medical marijuana IDs. However, note that whatever you read here is not a piece of legal advice; to stay on the safer side, consult a lawyer.

Is it Legal to Travel With Your Medical Marijuana Card in the United States?

It is legal to travel with medical marijuana card in the United States, provided that there is a reciprocity program. Every state with medical marijuana card reciprocity identifies and obeys the laws of one another, meaning your medical marijuana card will be valid in a reciprocal State. Reciprocity states are few, and states like Florida do not allow inter-state MMJ cards.

If you are traveling to any state with reciprocity, do your research and know whether you need to register for the destination state’s medical cannabis program so that you will be allowed to use cannabis legally. For instance, in Arkansas, every visitor must register for medical marijuana plan a month before traveling and pay a $50 non-refundable due.

Also, depending on each state, the amount of cannabis you can possess as a visitor differs. In some states, a resident can not possess more than 24 ounces of cannabis, while visitors can only keep 1 ounce, even with a verified medical marijuana card.


The September 11th tragedy triggered a stricter requirement issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Strict regulation against cannabis has existed since the days of President Richard Nixon, simply put, flying with marijuana is illegal. This does not mean that TSA officers will search your luggage at the airport.

If the officers find any illegal substance in your bag, they must report the issue to local law enforcement. There are other organizations apart from TSA that you need to know about if you want to fly with medical cannabis. Official bodies like American Airlines have issued that no one should travel with cannabis, even if it's for medical use.

Following that regulation means you cannot fly with even a gram of medical cannabis, even if a physician prescribes it. The main point is that traveling on air with medical marijuana breaks some legal rules. To save yourself from stress, drop your medical cannabis at home or transport it through another mode.


The safest way to transport cannabis is through your personal car. If you are traveling in someone else’s car, you may have to be extra careful, especially if you are traveling through states with strict medical cannabis regulations (remember, crossing state lines with cannabis is still federally illegal). Also, do not consume medical cannabis while driving and follow all traffic rules to avoid being stopped by the police.

Trains and Buses

Traveling by trains and buses has its regulations. For instance, Greyhound prohibits the consumption and transportation of marijuana in their vehicles, even in legal states.

Subways and Commuter Trains

Consumption of medical marijuana has been prohibited on subways and commuter trains since 1988 in the US. However, traveling with substance through these transportation modes has regulations you must strictly follow.

Boats and Ferries

United States Coasts officials said you couldn’t consume or transport marijuana through boats. Traveling through the waterways, you won't know when you have entered another country; if that particular country has strict regulations against cannabis, you may get into some legal troubles.

Can You Transport Medical Marijuana Internationally?

Many countries continue to fight against and severely punish drug offenders, irrespective of whether it is medical marijuana or not. Countries like Indonesia and Bali have the cruelest corrective system against marijuana traffickers. Countries like this do not give any bias to medical cannabis. For instance, Bali’s government sentences marijuana possessors to a minimum of 4 years in prison.

Also, Asian countries such as China impose cruel punishment on individuals bringing cannabis to their borders. In countries like the Netherlands, where marijuana is legalized, there is a strict difference between medical and recreational use; the recreational use of cannabis is prohibited in these countries.

If you travel in some states in the Netherlands with more than 5 grams of marijuana without your medical marijuana card, you may find yourself in some deep trouble.

Storing Cannabis While Traveling

The best way to store medical cannabis while traveling is to keep it in its original case or packaging. Avoid traveling with unlabelled or unlicensed bottles or packs of marijuana; this will prevent you from legal troubles. Carefully store your cannabis inside a zippered area in your luggage, and pack your medical marijuana and essential paper work with it.

What to do if Detained With Medical Marijuana Card

First, be calm and understand that you have rights under the rule of the land. Do not insult or harass the officials; present your card and all essential papers. Get an attorney if the issue continues to escalate.

Traveling With Medical Cannabis - the Checklist

The best way to avoid issues that arise with traveling with medical cannabis is just to avoid it once and for all. If you need to travel with it, here are some things you should know;

  • Make sure your medical marijuana card is still valid.

  • Make sure you travel with the certificate you got from the doctor.

  • Photocopy your MMJ card and store one in your travel safe.

  • Keep a copy of the MMJ card with a close relative at home.

  • Make sure you have a lawyer you can call in case issues arise.

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